Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Period Rooms Inspire Feathering your Historic Nest

Jaffrey Room in Boston's Museum of Fine Arts
At this time of year, I usually glance around the house and think (alla Bette Davis) "What a dump!"  This leads me to CVS for some magazines to peruse.  But if I'm looking for some inspiration with a decidedly "historic home" flavor, I need to set my sites elsewhere.  This is where house museums come to the rescue.  In the spring, many Cape Cod house museums are dusting off the cobwebs around ye ol' doorway.  Since most are open seasonally, this is the perfect time to plan your visit.

For a list of historic house museums, click on the tab above, or to see upcoming events, click on the events tab.  Another resource to view period rooms online is the Daughters of the American Revolution Museum in DC.  On their website, you can view virtual tours of period rooms from a wide range of time periods - Pilgrims to Victorians.  The rooms represent 31 different States. Many of the early american rooms are "colonial revival" style.  I like to challenge myself to identify the time period before I read the description below the virtual tour.

If you are heading into Boston, the Museum of Fine Arts has eight period rooms in the new Art of the Americas Wing.

Brown-Pearl Hall in Boston's Museum of Fine Arts - Period Rooms
Another online resource is the Historic American Building Survey which was done courtesy of the "New Deal" to record our country's quickly diminishing historic buildings.  The Cape Cod homes, as well as others across the country, that were photographed, inside and out, could provide hours of entertainment for an old home enthusiast.  And who knows.... you might see your own house there!

Photo from Historic American Building Survey
Photo from Historic American Building Survey

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